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Self Mastery Inner Evolution Humanity

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®THE HUMAN SELF TRANSFORMATION MOVEMENT PROUDLY PRESENTS: THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU AND HUMANITY FREE - Self Mastery and the Inner Evolution of Humanity Ⓒ THERE ARE 17 WORKSHOPS - EACH WORKSHOP WILL BE BROKEN DOWN INTO SMALLER SUB TOPICS - THIS INFORMATION WILL ONLY BE PROVIDED TO THOSE WHO REGISTER FOR THE SESSIONS AND ATTEND - PLEASE NOTE ALL WORK OF KIRAN SHOKAR ESSENE IS COPYRIGHTED The 21st Century and the inner evolution of humanity **2nd October 2022 10.00-13.30GMT+1** The Matrix and how it rules this reality Hidden in plain sight - The Agendas of the Global Cabal The covert world v the overt world - doublespeak The great material / physical reset v the energetic / consciousness reset Tell a lie vision - programming - the hidden regime Dark energy its function on this Earth - the real purpose of fear The purpose / power of self-mastery and its connection to human evolution The universal laws – macrocosm v microcosm Christ the ultimate teacher of TRUTH (Non-religious information) The fragmentation of God – the purpose of your human life The ultimate challenge human suffering v human excelling Authenticity your greatest gift and greatest challenge The inner-connectedness and outer-connectedness of life on planet Earth Creating and birthing the new Earth – the energetic light grid Self-Mastery alignment The journey homewards – the beginning Your Facilitator - Kiran Shokar Essene Founder of the global ®Human Self Transformation Movement "I have always observed two worlds, simultaneously, the Conscious and Unconscious. This is a very special gift and skill I have been given, to support Humanity" - Kiran Shokar Essene Kiran is a Transformational / Transcendental therapist like no other! At the age of two years old it became apparent that she born with exceptional observational skills, which empower her to see both the conscious / unconscious behaviour of human beings, and the energetic signature of this reality, simultaneously. Based on this natural gift Kiran created authentic, powerful transformational, one on one sessions, workshops, public speaking events, motivational events and transformational tools which change pmyour life, positively. Over a period of 45 years, she honed

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Tenerife, Spain

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