These are the areas in which Kiran Shokar Essene provides HUMAN Self TRANSFORMATION


Anger Management


Attempted Suicide/Suicidal Thoughts


Balance & Alignment (In life, mental, emotional, physical, sexual and spiritual)

Bullying (being bullied yourself or bullying other people)

Behaviour Transformation


Blaming others and not taking responsibility for your own life choices

Celebrating your Achievements

Childhood Conditioning (the purpose and why this takes place)

Cleansing your Inner Temple

Consciousness v Ignorance

Compulsive Stealing

Controlling Behaviours (trying to control your life, wanting to control others, trying to control yourself, trying to control situations)

Connecting with God/divine/source energy (please note Kiran is spiritual non-religious person)

Creating Boundaries and Structure in your Life

Cross Cultural Relationships

Cultivating Oneness Consciousness

Cultivating a positive mindset

Dealing with Denial (your own denial or denial of others)

Dealing with imposed cultural control via family or friends


Deep Breathing

Developing your Intuition

Developing your Inner Temple

Diet (its effect on the spiritual journey, your inner temple, your mind and your body)

Divorce & Relationship breakdown or difficulty

Ego (understanding the Ego, dealing with the Ego, mastering the Ego)

Emotional Abuse

Emotional Triggers (how to deal with them)

Energy (How this reality functions from energetic perspective)?

Energetic parasite removal/negative energy attachment removal

Fear (carrying fear, acknowledging fear, dealing with fear, releasing fear, purpose of fear)

Feminine Energy

Finding your Life Purpose

Food as Medicine

Forgiveness (understanding and applying the truth about forgiveness)

Gaslighting how to deal with it in an empowered way

Guilt (carrying guilt, acknowledging guilt, dealing with guilt, releasing guilt)

Gratitude (understanding and applying the power of gratitude)

Goal Setting

Healing yourself from mental, emotional, physical, sexual and spiritual ailments

Inner World v Outer World

Kindness and Honesty

Know Thy Self (the most empowering thing you can do, how to do it)

Jealousy (the real reason why you feel this way and how to overcome)

Journaling (the power of the written word)

Joyfulness (understanding and applying the power of joy)

Lies & Deception (how this energy affects your life)

Life Improvement

Life Mapping (learning what your life lessons are and how to master them)

Listening to your Intuition

Living your Life Purpose

Living your life via your heart chakra

Listening with Intent and Purpose

Loneliness (how to deal with and rid yourself of feeling lonely)

Low Self Esteem

Lying (carrying lies, acknowledging lies, dealing with lies, releasing lies)

Love (the energy construct and purpose of love)

Masculine Energy

Maintaining your Inner Temple

Medication Tapering (Supporting people to come off anti-depressants) in a controlled and supportive environment)


Mental Abuse

Mental Resilience

Mental Wellness


Mindset Transformation

Money Management

Motivation (self-motivation, and how to motivate others

Negative Behaviour Transformation

Negative v Positive Energy

Opening your heart chakra

Panic Attacks

Physical Abuse

Personal Development

Prayer (understanding and applying the power of prayer)

Playfulness (understanding and applying the power of playfulness)

Racism (being subjected to racial abuse or feeling racial prejudice towards others)

Rape (how to overcome the pain and suffering)

Reality (Understanding how this reality functions)

Reality v Illusion

Relationship issues (family, friends, partners, work related, social)

Relationship Breakup (how to overcome the pain and suffering)

Resilient mindset cultivation



Self Confidence/Self Image


Self-Empowerment and Self-Focus

Self-Management Skills


Self-Medicating via alcohol, smoking, drugs (not addiction my style of counselling is not suitable for those of you suffering from substance addiction)




Self-Observation and Self work

Self-Value and Self-Worth

Service (being of service, helping and supporting others)

Sexual Abuse

Shame (carrying shame, acknowledging shame, dealing with shame, releasing shame)

Soul Purpose

Spiritual Self Alignment

Strength v Challenges

Stress Management

Suffering (do you find yourself suffering from, due to, or after experiencing difficult situations how to release this)?

Self-sabotage (carrying self-sabotage, acknowledging self-sabotage, dealing with self-sabotage, releasing self-sabotage)

Speaking your Truth

Spiritual Awakening

Toxic Positivity


Truth (the energy construct and purpose of truth)

Universal law

Victim Mentality v Creator Mentality