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"I have always observed two worlds, simaltaneously, the Conscious and Unconscious. This is a very special gift and skill I have been given, in order to support Humanity" - Kiran Shokar Essene

Kiran is a Life Coach specialising in de-programming and de-conditioning the mindset! from a Mental/Emotional health and Transformational / Transcendental perspective. Her work is based upon 45 years of experiential observation and research of herself and humanity.

Albert Einstein - “The Only Source of Knowledge is Experience.”

From the age of two years old I became conscious of observing...My mother tells me I was a fast learner - (I even started walking before the age of one) 

At the age of eight I noticed that I was observing people differently from those around me. By watching a person's behaviour, I could observe what was happening in their mind. I could see their conscious behaviour (what they personally are aware of), but I could also at the same time see their unconscious behaviour (the aspects of their mindset and behaviour that the individual is not aware of...I could see it, clear as day!

The more I watched people, the more I learned about them - I began to notice that there is a very specific pattern unfolding, this prompted me to ask specific questions, my research of the inner self and the outer human experience began.

The more I observed, the more I learned, about how this reality is functioning, the more I learned the more questions I asked, the deeper I went into myself, into the darkness within.

I went to the places within where few people dare tread and most avoid like the plague.

As a result, I became empowered and began teaching humanity about consciousness, transpersonal, transcendental mindset, awareness, mindfulness, authenticity and life experience.

What I learned changed my life!

I uncovered a blueprint to how this reality is unfolding and how WE can become masters of our own destinies.

There is most definitely an intelligent design behind, within this universe and reality. Through years of life experience and research I learned how to connect with this intelligence and become one with it. In doing so my life has transformed beyond recognition and I have become a powerful human being.

What I have very clearly learned and been shown is that in each one of our lives all the information we need to be happy, satisfied, content, successful, blessed and powerful is interwoven into our life experiences, The difficulty is that in order to access the *pot of Gold* you have to develop a relationship with the self - which most people don't know how to do or would rather avoid!

I am here for those who are ready, accepting your greatness is a choice, on how to become the best version of yourself and in doing so access a life of abundance!

The 21st Century IS the Age of HUMAN SELF TRANSFORMATION - Kiran Shokar Essene